3 Marzo 2024


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Featured Speakers Announced include Alex Cooper, Rosario Dawson, Peter Deng, Tim Ferriss,
Brooke Hopper, Dr. Ibram X. Kendi, Amy Webb, and more

South by Southwest® (SXSW®) Conference and
Festivals has announced its initial Featured Speakers for the 38th edition of its annual Conference, which celebrates the convergence of technology, film, television, and music.
“Whether it’s how AI will change the way we create, or how storytelling can further amplify voices that fully represent our communities, at SXSW we’re constantly discussing how the future will impact our world,” said Hugh Forrest, Chief Programming Officer and Co-President.

“Ranging from Peter Deng to Dr. Ibram X. Kendi, to Amy Webb, our first group of Featured Speakers includes world-renowned experts who can provide answers to the many questions posed by these fast-developing industries.”

The SXSW Conference is organized into 24 programming tracks presented in a variety of session formats. Tracks for 2024 include 2050, Advertising & Brand Experience, Artificial Intelligence, Climate Change, Creating Film & TV, Creator Economy, Culture, Design, Energy, Fashion & Beauty, Film & TV Industry, Food, Game Industry, Government and Civic
Engagement, Health & MedTech, Music & Tech, Music Careers, Psychedelics, Sports, Startups, Tech Industry, Transportation, Workplace, and XR. More information about SXSW programming tracks and formats can be found here.

Newly-announced Featured Speakers and Sessions include:
● AI and Humanity’s Co-evolution with OpenAI’s Head of ChatGPT: AI is changing us from
creators and answerers into curators and askers. In this provocative talk with Venture
Partner at SignalFire Josh Constine and OpenAI’s VP of Consumer Product and Head
of ChatGPT Peter Deng, they’ll explore the role of humans in the age of AI. What are
AI’s practical and philosophical implications? How will it change our perception of
ourselves? And are we all destined to become prompt engineers or happily unemployed
● AI and the Independent Artist: From AI-powered composition and artwork creation to
voiceprints and curated playlists, AI is changing the way artists create and market their
music and engage with their fans. With these new tools comes a new set of challenges
and responsibilities for the music industry. Artists can harness the power of AI, but it is
the responsibility of companies across the industry to ensure that human artistry is
supported, not replaced. In this session, join CEO of TuneCore Andreea Gleeson and
CEO of CreateSafe Daouda Leonard as they present principles for companies to
consider as artists engage with AI opportunities, as well as results & lessons learned
from early AI pilot programs.
● Amy Webb Launches 2024 Emerging Tech Trend Report: In this mind-bending session,
CEO of the Future Today Institute and professor at NYU Stern School of Business Amy
Webb will provide a data-driven analysis for the emerging tech trends that need to be on
your radar this year — and she’ll show you scenarios that will change your perspective
on the futures. In addition, attendees of this session will be in for an extra-special treat
this year as they will receive a special SXSW-edition of the Tech Trend Report, which is
downloaded 1 million times every year.
● Building the Next Era of the Internet: The internet of today is a far cry from its early
promise of a decentralized, democratic network of creativity and innovation; it has fallen
under the control of a small group of powerful companies like Apple, Google, and
Facebook. But a new era is emerging. In this session, join author, General Partner at
Andreessen Horowitz, and founder and Managing Partner at a16z crypto Chris Dixon
as he reflects on the history of the internet and how it’s brought us to this critical
moment: the start of the “read-write-own era,” in which blockchain networks democratize
ownership and grant power and economic benefits to communities of users, not just
corporations. It’s a vision for a better internet and a clarion call for anyone looking to
build or navigate the future.
● A Conversation with Alex Cooper and Matt Kaplan: In this session, join creator, Host,
and Executive Producer of the podcast Call Her Daddy Alex Cooper and founder and
CEO of ACE Entertainment Matt Kaplan for a discussion about their latest Gen Z media
venture and production company – Trending – which will be committed to elevating
today’s voices and crafting tomorrow’s stories for an independent, resourceful, and
inclusive generation.
● Dichotomies: Visions of Technology’s Role in Divergent Futures: A biometrics-enabled
classroom could lead to acing standardized tests or isolated students. A generative AI
program created for a VR headset could help a child adjust to life in a new country, or
misinformation and political turmoil. An AI-driven healthcare app could prevent a serious
allergic reaction, or miss an obvious indicator of cancer. With the advent of life-changing
technology like AI and biometrics comes both allure and concern. It can be hard to see
the possibilities these technologies will create from one vantage point, and easy to focus
on just one potential outcome. In this session, Deloitte Consulting’s Chief Futurist Mike
Bechtel will take the audience on a journey with two paths, each with stories about how
next-gen tech can both help and hinder our progress towards a more digitally connected
society. Listeners will be able to picture how their lives may change in the coming years
and better prepare for the ethical considerations as both designers and consumers of a
technologically-driven life.
● Keep It Weird: AI is a Tool For Creativity: Generative AI can produce some pretty odd
results as machines don’t seem to understand human anatomy or the laws of gravity. In
this session, join Principal Designer for Emerging Design, AI/ML at Adobe Brooke
Hopper and author, Host of the Webby Award-winning podcast Design Matters and
co-owner and Editorial Director of PrintMag.com Debbie Millman as they discuss how
AI — even with some of the weird results it produces — can accelerate creativity and
design without replacing it and how designers can evolve in their roles and use AI to
help (not replace) their creativity.
● Masterclass: Storytelling for Social Impact: If you want to know how to turn a story into a
movement, this session is for you. Five-time #1 New York Times bestselling author and
Director of the Boston University Center for Antiracist Research Dr. Ibram X. Kendi and
Publisher and General Manager of The Emancipator Amber Payne have mastered the
craft of storytelling to confront racial injustice in America. They have the template for how
to take a single, powerful idea and reimagine it to reach entirely new audiences. Join
them to learn practical insights on how you can unleash the power of storytelling to
create transformative change.
● The Science & Craft of Storytelling: How to Make People Care: How can brands move
people deeply, instill fierce loyalty and inspire people to take positive action? In this
session, filmmaker and founder and CEO of Creative Breed Cheryl Miller Houser will
offer a 3-step storytelling method grounded in the science and craft of storytelling to
ignite powerful neurochemicals that make people fall in love, grab and hold their
attention and mobilize them to take action. Interweaving illustrative clips and anecdotes,
Cheryl will provide tactics that participants from all sectors can use in brand building,
marketing, inspiring innovation, engaging employees, spurring social movements,
creating community, and more.
● Tim Ferriss and Kevin Rose: The Random Show!: In this session, join investor and
five-time #1 New York Times bestselling author Tim Ferriss and serial entrepreneur,
investor, and co-founder and CEO of PROOF Kevin Rose for a live recording of The
Random Show for Tim’s podcast! The Random Show guarantees business and life
insights you won’t find anywhere else, loads of hilarity between two great friends, and, of
course, plenty of randomness.
● Women Who Embody Revolution Through Storytelling: In the midst of climate crisis,
fast-paced news, social media, and increasing disconnection, hope is found in
community-driven stories. In this session, join actress, producer, activist, and founder of
The Rio Dawn Foundation Rosario Dawson, tribal attorney and founder of the Giniw
Collective Tara Houska, musician and filmmaker Gingger Shankar, and co-founder and
Executive Director of One Earth Justin Winters as they discuss their new storytelling
collective Little Indian Girl, as well as the future of storytelling and the power of narrative
sovereignty with women, Indigenous and two-spirit artists, and Earth guardians who
embody revolution through art. When knowledge and culture is preserved, we create
tangible solutions for the next generations. When power and resources are given to
communities to tell our own stories, we have the power to shift narratives to change the

● Author, co-founder of THINX, and co-founder, CEO, and Chief Community Architect of
Daybreaker Radha Agrawal
SXSW dedicates itself to helping creative people achieve their goals. Founded in 1987 in
Austin, Texas, SXSW is best known for its conference and festivals that celebrate the
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